20Twenty Lighting is an Australian owned LED lighting supplier based out of Sydney, New South Wales. With over 10 years of experience in the energy saving industry; 20Twenty Lighting has been created to put quality back at the forefront of low cost LED lighting.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality products at affordable pricing to facilitate a move to a low carbon emissions future. Working in partnership with our suppliers and clients, 20Twenty Lighting achieves this by providing efficient supply chain solutions and affordable low wattage LED lighting reducing our clients’ bottom line.

20Twenty Lighting Australia

20TWENTY Lighting products are distributed by our network of members.

20Twenty Lighting members can advise any customer of the best 20Twenty product to suit their needs.

20Twenty members can also extend your warranty and will most often provide you with the best price.


The LED industry is in a constant state of change due to technological, functionality and supply chain improvements.

Customers are constantly seeking lower prices while at the same time wanting access to differentiated products. The market stress caused by these factors allows companies to benefit from attractive profit margins and fast project turnover.

In the current market lowest cost has become the primary focus and quality manufacturing is viewed as a secondary factor.

The management team at 20Twenty Lighting understand these market drivers and have created a company which builds solid relationships with its customers to strategically plan for the future.

20Twenty Lighting has invested in partnerships with some of China’s leading LED component suppliers. This allows 20Twenty Lighting to maintain high quality manufacturing processes whilst offering competitive pricing.


20Twenty Lighting has a sophisticated range of commercial, exterior and industrial LED luminaires manufactured in fully accredited facilities in China. With a combined experience of 30 years, our lighting professionals have experience in lighting design, production, quality control and full supply chain management. This efficiency provides confidence for our customers to ensure we meet their demands for high-quality products that are delivered on time without compromising price.

20Twenty Lighting prides itself on delivering unparalleled customer support through robust communication processes to ensure all stakeholders remain engaged and up to date throughout the process.

The professionalism of the 20Twenty Lighting team, and the standards we set to play a very important role in creating a successful customer experience for our clients.

20Twenty Lightings’ mantra is to remain fully transparent with its suppliers and customers to maintain high levels of communication; ensuring the right outcome for all.


20Twenty Lighting has implemented a lean procurement methodology with a focus on quality, support and price. At 20Twenty Lighting we offer premium market leading LED products at fixed import prices. The 20Twenty Lighting membership program presents our customers exclusive fixed rate pricing which offers a competitive edge over their competitors.

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